IVF: 4 Ways to Prepare for Receiving Donor Eggs

Oct 03, 2023
IVF: 4 Ways to Prepare for Receiving Donor Eggs
In vitro fertilization (IVF) with donor eggs has a high rate of success. Are you going to begin fertility treatments soon? Learn how to prepare yourself for receiving donor eggs for your IVF.

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most successful treatments for infertility and has helped many people grow their family. And CARE Fertility in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the leading IVF facilities in the United States. 

Our fertility specialists — Drs. Kevin and Kathy Doody, Dr. Anna Nackley, and Dr. Robin Thomas — have assisted in advancing the IVF process and improving success rates. IVF with donor eggs is one of the options we offer for patients struggling with infertility. Here, we explain how to prepare for in vitro fertilization when you’re receiving donor eggs. 

1. Get evaluated

Our goal is the same as yours: a successful pregnancy. When pursuing IVF with donor eggs, we must first make sure there are no underlying issues that may affect the implantation process. We also want to make sure that the pregnancy won’t endanger your health. 

We perform a thorough evaluation that includes bloodwork, imaging tests, and health screenings. We also analyze the sperm you plan on using for fertilization. 

2. Practice healthy habits

Once we decide that IVF with donor eggs makes the best infertility option for you, you need to prepare your body for the pregnancy. This means practicing healthy lifestyle habits such as:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Abstaining from alcohol and tobacco products

You also need to start taking a folic acid supplement or a prenatal vitamin to reduce the risk of birth defects. 

3. Manage your stress

Infertility, IVF, and pregnancy are stressful, affecting your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being. Finding healthy ways to manage your stress before starting IVF with donor eggs may ease anxiety and improve outcomes.

You may also need time to adjust to the idea of using a donor egg. You may want to meet with a therapist who specializes in infertility or find a support group of people who’ve undergone IVF with donor eggs to learn from their experience and get answers to your questions and concerns.

4. Do your research

As with any infertility treatment, you have many choices when using donor eggs for IVF. It’s important to know all of your options and their pros and cons so you go in a direction that feels right for you. 

You can choose a friend or family member for egg donation or an anonymous donor from an egg bank. Your egg donor determines your IVF process and the steps you need to take to prepare your body for the embryo transfer, like synchronizing your cycles and getting the uterus ready for the embryo transfer.

IVF with donor eggs has a high rate of success and is an option for people who wish to grow their family and are in need of healthy eggs. We are a full-service fertility practice and provide guidance and treatments for all needs.

If you’re considering IVF with donor eggs, we can discuss the treatment with you and help you decide if it makes the right choice. Call CARE Fertility today or request an appointment online.