Male Infertility Treatments

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Male Infertility Treatments services offered in Bedford and Fort Worth, TX

In up to 40% of infertile couples, the male partner is either the sole or contributing cause of infertility. If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, consider male infertility treatments. At CARE Fertility, the team of reproductive endocrinology and fertility specialists provides various male infertility treatments, including semen analysis. To see if you can benefit, request an appointment at the office in Bedford or Fort Worth, Texas, by calling or booking online today.


Male Infertility Treatments Q & A

What is male infertility?

Male infertility refers to underlying health problems and/or structural abnormalities that affect a man’s ability to conceive. 

Several factors may contribute to male infertility, including:

  • Abnormal semen production or volume
  • Decreased or absent sperm in semen
  • Abnormal semen motility (movement)
  • Blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm
  • Chronic health problems
  • Lifestyle factors, like smoking or drinking alcohol

If you and your partner have tried to conceive for more than a year and you haven’t had any success, contact the team at CARE Fertility.

When should I consider male infertility treatments?

Consider male infertility treatments at CARE Fertility if you and your partner have unprotected sex but struggle to conceive. That’s especially true if you have normal libido, plenty of energy, and exercise regularly, but your partner fails to get pregnant.

Underlying medical issues, like blockages and low testosterone, don’t always present obvious symptoms. After a physical exam, a review of your health records, and a series of lab tests, your CARE Fertility provider can determine the underlying cause.

What happens during a male fertility treatment visit?

At CARE Fertility, a male fertility treatment visit begins with a discussion of your lifestyle, including if you use tobacco or drink alcohol, if you’ve had a vasectomy or pelvic surgery, and if you take prescription medications or supplements. 

Make sure to answer your provider’s questions honestly, because your responses play an important role in guiding treatment.

After gathering that information, your provider orders semen analysis. During semen analysis, your provider assesses a sample of your semen under a microscope. Semen analysis evaluates several factors, including:

  • The number of sperm in your semen sample
  • How much semen you produce
  • The percentage of sperm that are moving
  • Whether the sperm are the right shape
  • Whether there’s damage to the sperm’s DNA

Semen analysis takes about an hour and provides key insights about your fertility.

How do I prepare for male fertility treatments?

To ensure an accurate semen analysis, refrain from ejaculating for 2-5 days prior. The team at CARE Fertility provides you with a sterile collection container for storing the sample.

If semen analysis finds low sperm counts, the team can recommend fertility treatments that align with your budget and needs.

To see if you can benefit from male infertility treatments, make an appointment at CARE Fertility by calling the nearest office or booking online today.