When to Consider Sperm Donation for Family Planning

Sep 01, 2023
When to Consider Sperm Donation for Family Planning
Are you exploring your family planning options? Male infertility isn’t the only reason you might seek out donor sperm for a pregnancy. Learn when and why you may want to consider sperm donation.

Pregnancy is a complex process with many steps. One of the first steps is the joining of an egg and sperm for fertilization. You need strong, healthy sperm that can penetrate the egg in order for fertilization to occur.

Many people wanting children may need a sperm donor in order to initiate this part of the pregnancy process. When should you consider sperm donation for family planning?

At CARE Fertility in Bedford and Fort Worth, Texas, our fertility specialists — Drs. Kevin and Kathy Doody, Dr. Anna Nackley, and Dr. Robin Thomas — understand the emotional highs and lows that come with wanting to have a child of your own and not being able to for one reason or another, including not having healthy sperm or any sperm at all.

In this month’s blog, we discuss sperm donation and when it’s time to consider this option for your family planning needs.

About sperm donation

Sperm donation involves using sperm from a man who’s not your partner to fertilize an egg. Healthy men voluntarily donate their sperm. They may do so to help a loved one or friend, or they could donate anonymously for money.

The US Food and Drug Administration requires all donated sperm to undergo testing for communicable diseases within seven days after donation. They also require that the donated sperm undergo a second test before use. 

We may use donor sperm to fertilize your egg or a donor egg.

When to consider sperm donation

There are a few scenarios that benefit from sperm donation. 

Some couples may consider sperm donation if the male partner has infertility problems that affect the quantity or quality of their sperm or if he has a blockage that stops sperm from leaving the body. You may also consider sperm donation if your male partner has a genetic condition that he doesn’t want to pass on to the baby.

Single women and lesbian couples who want to have a child may also consider sperm donation to help them with their family planning.

Selecting a sperm donor

Sperm banks collect and store donated sperm. Each sperm bank has its own criteria for men who wish to donate sperm. We work with reputable sperm banks that store and ship high-quality sperm so our patients don’t have to worry about finding a sperm bank.

When selecting a sperm donor, you need to consider what characteristics are most important to you in a donor: height, eye color, ethnicity, intelligence?

Are you planning your family?

Sperm donation is a safe fertility treatment that helps many people become parents. We can help you through this process and find the perfect donor at one of the commercial sperm banks we work with.

If you’re struggling with infertility, we offer the answers and solutions you need. Call our office or request an appointment online today.